About us

BCC architects at the Bulgarian Consulting Center is a design company established in 1993 on the initiative of experienced architects and engineers for developing projects with increased requirements in support to the implementation of international projects for Bulgaria.


The company is one of the descendants of GLAVPROEKT – the largest design group in Bulgaria in the last 50 years, and the team of BCC architects employs designers from the school of GLAVPROEKT.


The professionalism of this school is the standard that we apply in our work and which is passed on to the new generations of designers working in the company.


Each project is carefully considered, with inspiration and pragmatism. We avoid standardized, or pre-ordinated ideas. as in every case we prefer to apply our skills and experience, in order to create a project unique and suitable for its context and purposes.


As project managers, we work in co-operation with all interested parties, customers and beneficiaries, sharing ideas and studying opportunities and challenges while developing the ideas of the project.


Our creativity is enriched with our vast experience in a wide spectrum of sectors, types of buildings, sizes of projects and methods of assignment.


We hold a Certificate for quality management system ISO 9001–2015 with reg.№ 44 100 16 32 0231.

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